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Graphic Design
Everywhere you look there is graphic design work. How do you choose whose services to use? I think it goes far beyond the design. When I think of graphic design, I think of commitment, custom to fit your desires, operating in excellence, speaking your message without words. These are some of the things that a good graphic designer should take into consideration. If you’re trying to decide where to go, look no further. We look forward to meeting and/or talking to you about your design needs. We take pride in our work and strive for excellence in every design. We want to know the purpose behind the design, who you are trying to communicate to, what is your market area, etc…but most of all who are you and what do you want?
Website Design
Advertising is a big way to highlight your company in all of it’s glory and all of it’s potential. Deliver your message with eye popping graphics in a physical way through flyers, brochures, business cards, posters, etc... Professionally present your business in a tangible way. It’s your way of being able to leave a piece of your company behind with a potential client. Your first and best way to get on the good side and memorable side of a prospective client is with you honestly and sincerely taking an interest in that client. There’s no better way to leave a good impression. Now back that up with a flyer, a business card, and/or a brochure on your company. What a great way to enhance that initial meeting with a physical presence that can be left behind after you leave. Why would that client want to follow up with you and not the other companies they’ve come in contact with? Here at Designs Connexion we love being a part of helping you make that initial good impression. We make it our purpose to integrate ourselves with your company to help enhance your message and that initial meeting with potential clients helping create potential future growth for your company.
Computer Service and Support, IT Support
Here at Designs Connexion we provide you with the technical needs of your firm. We understand the hassle it can be to find good help when it comes to I.T. Support. We wish to provide you with competent and knowledgeable technical help as it relates to Computer Support Services. Our main focus at Designs Connexion is to help in every facet of design services your company needs and we know that the technical end is very important when it comes to a companies growth and expansion and it’s not always easy to find reliable and not overly priced help. We look forward to meeting with you and finding your support needs, and making accommodations as need be to better service your technical requirements. We offer everything from virus protection and removal, hardware and software installations, full operating system loads and reloads, wireless networking, etc... the list goes on. Let us be your personal I.T. guy and make your company run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Your continued success is our success as well.
Video/Audio Editing
In this digital age, we are constantly striving for better ways of marketing our business. Designs Connexions knows that to generate cash flow you have to market yourself well and, more importantly, get your name out there. One great way to do this is through multi-media (commercial spots, promotional videos, looping announcements, business presentations, web-streaming video, etc…). Because we are in the business of helping your business succeed, it just made sense for us to offer this service that is so widely used today. Now to answer the big question on your mind, “Why should I use this means of advertisement?”. The top Fortune 500 companies spend top dollar to market themselves this way, so why not add yourself to the list of big name reputable companies that have the edge over others, simply because they have taken the steps necessary to be a force in there community in a “visual way” Becoming more visible is definitely a good thing when marketed right and that’s why we’re here to help you achieve that.
We offer Graphic Design, Web Design, Computer Service and Support, Video Editing

Designs Connexion cares about our customers needs and support each of them to the best of our ability. We make a commitment to providing you with first-rate service. Service that is customized and personalized to fit your companies every need and desire to grow in this ever-changing fast paced media driven society that we live in today.   Read More

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Our Design Process
  1. Initial Meeting
  2. Determine Structure
  3. Initial Design
  4. Client Design Approval
  5. Implementation
  6. Design Roll-out